The Runaway Pea

The Runaway PeaWords by Kjartan PoskittIllustrated by Alex WillmorePublished 2019 (UK) & 2021 (US) Did you hear a ping? Splat? Splash?Maybe it's a runaway pea!We get to follow the rhythmically bouncing story of a little bouncing pea who wants to explore, see more, and ends up on the floor. Mishap after mishap happens but the... Continue Reading →

I Want a Boat

I Want a BoatWords by Liz Garton ScanlonIllustrated by Kevan AtteberryPublished 2021 What do you do when you want a boat but all you have is a box? Add some imagination and, voila: creation. We follow the little girl through building up the perfect boat, to finding a good crew, and then running into a... Continue Reading →

Amara and the Bats

Amara and the BatsWords and art by Emma ReynoldsPublished 2021 Amara loves bats! She loves how cute they are, she loves bat facts, she loves watching them fly around at dusk, she loves everything about them. But when she moves there's one small problem: there aren't bats around. Amara takes the initiative, even though she's... Continue Reading →

Dessert Island

Dessert IslandWords and art by Ben ZhuPublished 2021 Monkey and Fox find themselves stranded on separate islands. Fox on a bare desert island, Monkey on a lush... dessert island.Each of them finds things to do, eating or planting. But when the rain comes it's a blessing for one and a disaster for the other. Told... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Plan

The Perfect PlanWords and art by Leah GilbertPublished 2021 Maya wants to build the perfect treehouse (as we all do) and she draws up a plan. It is a perfect plan for a perfect treehouse.After searching, Maya finds the right spot but it doesn’t take long for problems to crop up. How can she trim... Continue Reading →

A Yarn About a Tree

A Yarn About a TreeWords and art by Kitty McCarthyPublished 2021 Molly loves to knit. Jake loves birdwatching. Together they want to save their beautiful tree.With determination and hard work, they brighten up the tree and help people see how important it truly is. A Yarn About a Tree is a sweet story about friendship,... Continue Reading →

Q & U Call it Quits

Q & U Call it QuitsWritten by Stef WadeIllustrated by Jorge MartinPublished 2021 Q and U are best buddies, quite good friends, a super squad. But even though U is Q's best friend, U also has other friends. That makes Q feel left out and sad. Then U feels a bit smothered and squished, and... Continue Reading →

Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions(with science projects)By Dr. Susan Berk KochArt by Micah Rauch While I primarily focus on picture books on my blog, this was one I wanted to share here as well. Kids love science, and especially they love love love the experiments! With text that is easy and fun to read, this is a great... Continue Reading →

Nia and the New Free Library

Nia and the New Free LibraryWords by Ian LendlerIllustrated by Mark PettPublished 2021 The town's library is nearly forgotten until the day a tornado flies it away. No one is particularly bothered by this except Nia, who loved the library, so she gets to work rewriting books to share. Nia is determined and finds a... Continue Reading →


Scribbly, A Real Imaginary Friend TaleWritten and illustrated by Ged AdamsonPublished 2021 After moving to a new town, Maude finds all sorts of new, fun things to do and see but finds there's one thing missing: a friend.With a little creativity she draws up Scribbly, the perfect imaginary friend. Mom is skeptical, but supportive, and... Continue Reading →

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