Rita and Ralph’s Rotten Day

Written by Carmen Agra DeedyIllustrated by Pete OswaldPublished 2020 Rita and Ralph are best friends, living just a couple of hills apart. They have a special pinkie-shake and love to play games together. During a new game Rita gets hurt and they both are so confused as to what to do they each run home.In... Continue Reading →

Fern and Otto

Fern and Otto, A Story About Two Best FriendsWritten and illustrated by Stephanie GraeginPublished 2020 This is a story for kids (and grownups) who like stories - reading stories or telling/writing stories or all of the above. Fern and Otto are best friends and live together in their tree home. Fern decides to write a... Continue Reading →

Feel the Fog

Words and photos by April Pulley SayrePublished 2020 Feel the Fog is a beautiful example of a non-fiction picture book. Beautiful in artwork, the photos are crisp and clear. They show the haze of fog covering and hiding the world, Beautiful in words, the lyrical text is informative and flowy. On every page the reader... Continue Reading →

LillyBelle, A Damsel NOT in Distress

Words by Joana PastroIllustrated by Jhon OrtizPublished in 2020 LillyBelle enjoys many lessons and activities at Lady Frilly's School for Damsels, except for one thing - that a damsel in distress must wait patiently for rescue. LillyBelle declares she won't be in distress, and ends up having to put her resolution to the test. With... Continue Reading →

Beatrix Potter, Scientist

Here we have a new book, brand new and shiny, published in our own 2020. Written by Lindsay Metcalf and illustrated by Junyi Wu. What caught my readers-eye at first:The topicThe art Beatrix Potter has a bevy of well-loved characters: Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, and many more. But she had another passion aside... Continue Reading →

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