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Nia and the New Free Library

Nia and the New Free LibraryWords by Ian LendlerIllustrated by Mark PettPublished 2021 The town’s library is nearly forgotten until the day a tornado flies it away. No one is particularly bothered by this except Nia, who loved the library, so she gets to work rewriting books to share. Nia is determined and finds a way to inspire a new…

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Scribbly, A Real Imaginary Friend TaleWritten and illustrated by Ged AdamsonPublished 2021 After moving to a new town, Maude finds all sorts of new, fun things to do and see but finds there’s one thing missing: a friend.With a little creativity she draws up Scribbly, the perfect imaginary friend. Mom is skeptical, but supportive, and Maude learns to branch out…

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There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a KnightWords by Penny Parker KlostermannIllustrated by Ben MantlePublished 2015 We are all familiar with the difficulties of the Old Lady who swallowed a fly, but what happens when a dragon decides to gulp down a knight whole? The first problem comes in when the knight’s horse won’t stop clip-clopping and making a…

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Who is Singing?

Who is Singing?Words by Janet HalfmannIllustrations by Chrissy ChabotPublished 2021 Have you ever been outside listening to the whistles, tweets, and whoos and wondered who you were listening to? In a beginners introduction to bird songs, Who Is Singing connects the sounds of several common American birds to their visual identification traits. I particularly enjoyed that birds weren’t only identified…

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Except Antarctica

Except AntarcticaWords and art by Todd SturgellPublished 2021 Animals are found here and there around the world. Some are found in only one small area, others are widespread. Turtles are found on every continent… except Antartica. With hilarious back and forth conversation between the narrator and the characters, we see what lengths Turtle is willing to go to prove that…

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B is for Ballet

B is for BalletWritten by John Robert AllmanIllustrations by Rachael DeanPublished 2020 Discover the world of ballet from A to Z with B is for Ballet. Told in softly flowing rhyme, each couplet introduces people, positions, or a famous ballet or character. The art is beautiful and almost-realistic, giving it a storybook feel while maintaining the accuracy of everything portrayed.…

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Hear the Wind Blow

Hear the Wind BlowWords by Doe BoyleIllustrated by Emily PaikPublished 2021 Hear the Wind Blow is a poem where each stanza shows the effects of each number on the Beaufort Scale. The words evoke a child’s vision of the world but with a beauty to the language that will also appeal to the adult reader. We follow the story from…

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The Rice in the Pot Goes Round and Round

The Rice in the Pot Goes Round and RoundWritten by Wendy Wan-Long ShangIllustrated by Lorian TuPublished 2021 The rice in the pot goes round and round the table. You can sing along to the tune of Wheels on the Bus, or just read it if you feel more comfortable speaking. Through the eyes and voice of the middle daughter, we…

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Summer Photo Challenge

Two SistersTheme: So Close This year I decided to try a square foot gardening approach to the three sisters planting technique.While the beans and corn have been loving each other’s company, the squashes were barely saved from squirrel interference and are doing fine elsewhere.

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I’m a Duck!

I’m a Duck!Story and pictures by Teri SloatPublished 2006 I’m a Duck follows a mallard drake from being born to finding a mate. Told in rhyme, it celebrates his joy in his webbed feet, wings, and everything else about being a duck. Though most of the book he’s an adult duck, the sense of wonder in the narration resonates deeply…

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