Katie Fischer

Hello, and welcome to my corner of the internet dedicated to children’s books and writing.

My name is Katie Fischer and I love stories. From learning to read with Calvin and Hobbes comics to digging into The Hobbit as a teen, children’s books have always held a special place in my heart.

I had boundless opportunities to explore nature due to growing up in the country. That sparked a lifelong love for long walks, cloud watching, and digging my toes and hands into the dirt.

As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was climbing up trees to read. As an adult, I prefer taking hikes between the trees on the many local trails through the Kettle Moraines.

When not writing, my time is primarily spent in teaching everything from the ABCs and 123s to Shakespeare and complementary angles.

Random facts:

  • I love baking but can not make it look pretty
  • Making up ridiculous songs is a regular occurrence
  • I’ve helped pull a calf
  • Unlike the average adult, I have under 200 bones
  • Prepositional phrases are some of my favorite things
  • I have a large Aloe Vera plant by the name of Peggy
  • Much of my earliest writings were limericks

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