No Nibbling

No Nibbling
Words by Beth Ferry
Art by A. N. Kang
Published 2022

Derwood is a gardening goat, he loves to tend the tender little plants and keep them safe and growing. Safe being the important part, there are so many things to threaten his garden out there from leaf chewers to sapsuckers to… dandelions. Fortunately, that was Tabitha the bunny’s tail, not a dandelion, but Derwood takes no chances and kicks her out. But Tabitha keeps coming back and coming back, each time making Derwood more and more suspicious as to her intentions.

The wordplay is excellent through the entire book, it’s hilarious to read out loud! A particularly nice part is that the gardening and vegetable words that are being played with are bold and colorful, which helps budding readers to recognize them and find the humor on their own.

The illustrations have a wonderful mix of soft and bright. Tabitha’s innocent faces and Derwood’s frustrated ones make kids giggle every time. I love the variety put into Derwood’s garden, too, it is gorgeous and delicious looking – we know why Tabitha keeps sneaking peeks.

It’s slightly longer than some new picture books, so I’d recommend for ages 4 and up. Especially since kids that age will get a lot of kicks out of the humor and wordplay. It would be particularly good for anyone who loves gardening or has a pet rabbit… or someone who gardens and is with Derwood in their suspicions about the wild rabbits. It’s an excellent read and re-read!

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