Mushroom Rain

Mushroom Rain
Words by Laura K. Zimmermann
Illustrated by Jamie Green
Published 2022

Mushrooms aren’t usually something we associate with beauty, they’re more likely to be feared or seen as dirty. But Mushroom Rain celebrates and shows the wonder and magic and beauty of fungi.

It’s lyrical, every word flows when reading out loud, and the descriptions are vivid and gorgeous. “Beneath a mushroom’s bloom,” just draws the reader in and helps cultivate appreciation for mushrooms.

The illustrations are amazing. They remind me of a cross between classic picture books and field guides. They are meticulously accurate while still maintaining a whimsical and fairytale feel.

There are two spreads of further information on mushrooms in the back, which makes it a great book to supplement a unit study or introduce very young readers to the subject. It would be a very welcome gift for any mushroom aficionado. As an adult, I am also glad that the book makes it explicitly clear that children should never pick and eat wild mushrooms.

Mushroom Rain is informative and fun to read and look at; altogether, it’s a gorgeous work of art.

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