Written by Alexis Deacon
Illustrated by Viviane Schwars
Published 2021

Ergo wakes up to find herself as the entirety of everything she can see. Ergo is the universe… at least she thinks so until she discovers the wall. The wall is not Ergo, so Ergo isn’t everything. So what is outside Ergo? Does it have wings and legs and toes like Ergo?
In sparse text we explore and discover with Ergo what growing and learning feels like. How immense emotions and the world can be to someone small.

The art is simple and sparse to compliment the simplicity of Ergo’s thought process. The use of proportion and empty space highlights the emotions and expressions so well. The eyes tell us so much.

“Not knowing is not good.” Kids really relate to this and the drive to learn and know more and ask questions. It’s an easy read, good for any kid who is past page tearing age, and it stays fresh even on the 10th read of the day.

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