Our Little Kitchen

Our Little Kitchen
by Jillian Tamaki
Published 2020

Come enjoy the bustle of a community kitchen.
With simple text that varies between speech bubbles and standard text, we follow the meal from tending the community garden to sitting down and sharing with neighbors.

The art takes center stage on many pages as we see things like chopping and peeling and frying and sprinkling salt and stirring. It’s busy and bright and beautiful.

It also shows that sometimes things are hectic and sometimes you don’t have much but you make do because people need to eat, regardless of whether if it’s black beans yet again.

This is a fun book to share with young readers of 3-6, but it’s also good for older readers (even grownups). It’s a conversation opener and also celebrates bringing together and building the community around us. Tending a little garden and sharing a meal can happen wherever you are, and I love that Our Little Kitchen is all about that.

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