Valentiny 2022

Several times a year Susanna Hill challenges kidlit writers to stretch their writing muscles and work from a prompt. For this year’s Valentiny it’s a 214 word (or less) Valentine’s story about someone feeling proud.
You can check out all the awesome entries here.

Eva Valentina’s Day
WC 199

On Friday, Mr. Goss said next week would be the class’s Valentine’s Day party.
Eva Valentina perked up, a party, a DAY, all about her?
Nobody else had a day.
But, apparently, she DID.
Mr. Goss was so nice!

She walked home with a spring in her step.

Saturday, Eva Valentina pondered her party.
It was a big honor. She should show her thanks.

All day Sunday, Eva Valentina scribbled, taped, glued, snipped, folded, and taped some more.

On Monday she was ready.
She strode into class, head high. The room burst with color and sparkly hearts.
“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Mr. Goss said.
“Thanks,” Eva Valentina replied, “maybe next month we’ll have a Mr. Goss day.”
Mr. Goss paused, “Oh, I’m sorry if I confused you, but Valentine’s Day is a regular holiday like Earth Day or St Patrick’s day…”

The big warm feeling inside her chest suddenly felt cold.

“Oh no,” Eva Valentina whispered, “but I made thank you cards for everyone.”
Mr. Goss smiled. “Perfect!” He whispered back, “We ALL give each other cards on Valentine’s Day.”

She puffed her cheeks; it might not be her special day…
But she definitely had made the most special cards.

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