Room For Everyone

Room For Everyone
Written by Naaz Khan
Illustrated by Mercè López
Published 2021

Musa and Dada are on a ride in the daladala. They’re heading to the beautiful beach of Zanzibar. First one, then another, and then more and people people need a ride. It seems impossible to squish and wiggle and fit so many people into the daladala, but they keep squeezing and shifting and find a way so everyone gets a spot.

It wasn’t until we hit four that I realized this was a counting book, the story flows so naturally. The rhyme and rhythm alone make kids want to giggle and get in the fun by bumping around or squeezing up. The vibrant language and growing silliness of the situation as more and more gets added in and on the daladala makes this a great read-aloud.

And the art mirrors the vibrancy as well. The illustrations are bright and cheerful with strong lines that help heighten the colors. The expressions are hilarious, especially Musa’s face as he worries about how they’ll fit. I love the body language expressed on every page, it captures the movement and growing hecticness perfectly.

This is a really engaging read aloud. It has fun words to say and encourages kids to get a little wiggly in their seat to play along – but not too much because they also want to see every detail in the art. Room for Everyone is definitely one to read and read again.

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