Words and art by Leanne Hatch
Published 2021

Cole’s baby blanket his mama made is perfect. It’s soft with just the right texture. He uses it for imaginative play, for sleeping, for carrying toys… everything. But it’s knit and starts to unravel bit by bit until it’s less a blanket and more a tangle. Cole holds onto his tangle for a while but finally decides that it’s time to let go. Mama has another idea to breath new, changed life into the former blanket.

I love the gentle feeling of Unraveled. Cole and his mama are active characters, but there’s nothing and big and bad to overcome – just growth.

The art carries so much of the story through the emotions we see and the body language. Especially for me the spreads of mama sitting and knitting are lovely. The soft colors and edges also mirror and enhance the soft cuddliness of the whole thing.

Unraveled is a beautiful bed time and story time book, both the words and art. Best for ages 3-6, but great for anyone who enjoys picture books or knitting.

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