The Mysterious Sea Bunny

The Mysterious Sea Bunny
Words and art by Peter Raymundo
Published 2021

The question is posed: is a Sea Bunny a rabbit or a hare?
Neither. They are a type of sea slug, a nudibranch if you will.
With adorable art and a conversational dialogue, The Mysterious Sea Bunny introduces children to the wide, wild world of sea slugs in all their fascinating coolness. Focusing on the Sea Bunny, we learn about their gills, size, slime, and lack of noses.

From Wikipedia

See, no bunny nose.

There’s a wealth of facts packed into this book! But, kids think of it as simply one page of humor after another and digest the information easily. Back to the noses, kids learn quickly that a nudibranch doesn’t have a “nose” because it’s “ears” are what actually smell. And goodness, if you want a kid to learn about how Sea Bunnies breathe they will not forget after reading this book.

The art emphasizes the cuteness 100%. While maintaining a soft style, the accuracy is maintained and adult and kid readers alike will be able to recognize and identify the plants and animals presented in this book.

If you have a kid who loves the ocean, they will fall head over heels in love with this! Best for ages 4 and up, but the read-aloud-ability is fantastic and is enjoyable from ages 3-adult.

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