No More Naps!

No More Naps!
A Story for When You’re Wide-Awake and Definitely NOT Tired

Words by Chris Grabenstein
Art by Leo Espinosa
Published 2020

Annalise Devin McFleece is supposed to nap, but she doesn’t want to take one. She’s loud and uses the one word she knows to say “no” to naps.
But if she doesn’t want her nap can someone else take it? What happens if everyone else wants to take all the naps and there are none left? It’s no fun to lose your snooze.

Annalise is a toddler, but her problems are such that kids and adults sympathize with one part of them or another. 3 year old listeners also don’t want naps. 5 year old listeners also don’t want to lose the option of choice. And adults know the feeling of wanting a nap and not getting one.

The art is bright and bold. There’s always something happening on every page, kids enjoy taking their time with the illustrations, but it’s never too busy. The use of empty space on the pages helps to highlight Annalise and all her enormous feelings. Also, the poses of all the happily napping people are good for a giggle every read through.

This is a fun book, good for ages 3 and up. The wordplay with “taking a nap” might go over some younger listeners heads, but it’s easily explained and they love being in on the joke.

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