Birthday Birthday Writing Contest

The kidlit community keeps giving back and helping each other, it’s a great “place” to be. Amy Leskowski and Gennie Gorback are hosting a birthday themed writing contest for their shared birthday, so happy birthday Amy and Gennie!

The rules are to write a kid friendly story in under 101 words and to include at least one word from the lists created by Gennie and Amy. I picked Whoosh and Snooze because I love onomatopoeia.

So without further ado…

I Don’t Wanna
WC 61

Tick tock
Time to get up…
I don’t wanna!

Crunch munch
Time for breakfast…
I don’t wanna!

Scribble scritch
Time for school…
I don’t wanna!

Whoosh swoosh
Time for ball…
I don’t wanna!

Scooch scoop
Time to pick up…
I don’t wanna!

Rub scrub
Time for teeth…
I don’t wanna!

Tick tock
Time for bed?

Oooo snooze…

Image credit: Alexander Drummer by way of Pexels. Original image here.

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