Amara and the Bats

Amara and the Bats
Words and art by Emma Reynolds
Published 2021

Amara loves bats! She loves how cute they are, she loves bat facts, she loves watching them fly around at dusk, she loves everything about them. But when she moves there’s one small problem: there aren’t bats around. Amara takes the initiative, even though she’s nervous about being new in town and school, and advocates to bring back bats.

Amara is adorable, all the characters are because of how bright and colorful the art is (even the night scenes), but she needs to be a doll or toy someday.

Even if a child doesn’t resonate with bats being cute at first (which would change after seeing the “bat-burrito” picture) they definitely connect with having a topic they love that others don’t. One of my favorite parts is that Amara’s mom, brother, and classmates are supportive and work with Amara to help her achieve her goals, even though they aren’t as passionate about bats. The book’s obstacle isn’t interpersonal, it’s between people and nature and the resolution revolves around restoring nature.

Like the real kids that inspire Amara, Amara is an inspiration to readers. Taking action usually looks like Amara and the bats. It’s about making a difference in your neighborhood and town. Every step matters, and kids love hearing that.

Emma Reynolds also created #KidLit4Climate

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