The Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan
Words and art by Leah Gilbert
Published 2021

Maya wants to build the perfect treehouse (as we all do) and she draws up a plan. It is a perfect plan for a perfect treehouse.
After searching, Maya finds the right spot but it doesn’t take long for problems to crop up. How can she trim the wood, carry it, and hold it all together all by herself? Do her treehouse dreams have to end?

Right away this grabs kids’ attention because every kid wants a treehouse. Even if they don’t have trees, there’s something magical about the idea of a home up among the branches. Another interest point is how intent and driven Maya is. She plans, prepares, and then acts. When it doesn’t go right, she gets a new idea and keeps going. Her creativity and friendliness is a delight.

I love how bright the art is, both in color and in cheerfulness. Every character is expressive and remind me of plushies due to their softness.

This is a great book for kids (3+) who are fans of engineering or the outdoors, and it’s one grownups will enjoy reading out loud over and over.

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