Halloweensie 2021

Halloweensie time has rolled around again. Susanna Leonard Hill has been running it for 11 years now, but it’s only my second time participating. I had a lot of fun last year, and am excited to see what everyone has written.

The premise is write a Halloween themed story in 100 words or fewer and it has to be written for kids 12 and under. The trick, beyond brevity, is that it has to include three words and this years words are: glow-in-the-dark, goosebumps, and goodies.

This year I was inspired by thinking about what Halloween might be like from a different point of view.

Tricked the Treats
WC 93


Knock knock

“Trick or treat!”

“Yay, the night is right and I’m ready to shine!”





“What’s going on? Where’re the kids?” I ask.

A low, sweet voice chuckles, “Welcome to The Bucket.”

“Bucket?” Something’s wrong, this is giving me goosebumps.

The voice continues, “They always carry we goodies in a bucket before eating us.”

“Eat? They’re going to EAT us?”

“Obviously, candy is meant for munching mouths. Don’t you know that?”

“No, that’s not right…”

A hand grabs.




“I’m a glow-in-the-dark bracelet. I’m meant to SHINE!”

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