A Yarn About a Tree

A Yarn About a Tree
Words and art by Kitty McCarthy
Published 2021

Molly loves to knit.
Jake loves birdwatching.
Together they want to save their beautiful tree.
With determination and hard work, they brighten up the tree and help people see how important it truly is.

A Yarn About a Tree is a sweet story about friendship, activism, nature, and knitting. It’s been read and re-read and re-re-read.

The art really shines here. The contrast of the blackwork embroidery with the pops of color, especially the little knitted sections, are eye-catching and fun. The details of Molly having colorful stockings (that she must have made) and Jake’s first knitting attempt having a few mistakes at the beginning enhance the story and characters.

There are two pieces of backmatter, one on Yarn Bombing/Graffiti and the other on blackwork embroidery are great conversation or research openers for the older picture book readers/listeners.

I would recommend this in several different ways.
First, it’s a good story for kids, they love reading it and looking at the pictures.
It would also be an excellent read to start off a children’s class for knitting or sewing.
And finally, this would be a perfect gift to or from a knitter. For example, giving it to a knitting grandma who will then get to read it with the grandkids.

Kitty McCarthy first learned to sew by embroidering dish towels as a child. Later she began to paint and eventually received a Master of Fine Arts in Textile Design.
This is her debut picture book and she is currently seeking representation for illustration.
Find her online at https://kittymccarthy.com/ and @MccarthyKitty

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