Q & U Call it Quits

Q & U Call it Quits
Written by Stef Wade
Illustrated by Jorge Martin
Published 2021

Q and U are best buddies, quite good friends, a super squad. But even though U is Q’s best friend, U also has other friends. That makes Q feel left out and sad. Then U feels a bit smothered and squished, and decides to take some alone time.
The other letters like the looks of U’s vacation and all chaos breaks out as everyone else does what they want and makes all the noise they want. S and H won’t work together to SH the crowd and so U and Q try to see if they can fix the mess.

I loved the wordplay in this book! The way the relationships between the letters plays out in the text of the story is amazing. Every word is precise and perfectly placed. It’s fun to read as an adult, and to read aloud to any kid of picture book age, but this is spot on for a read aloud with K or 1st graders who are learning their letters and blends. It has so much humor while at the same time solidifying those concepts.

In the art the personification of the letters really pops, and it’s full of action and expression. It’s not just letters being “talking heads,” it is bright and vibrant and engaging. And the mad faces the letters make are hilarious.

I would say 5-7 year olds are the ones who will devour Q & U and ask for it again and again, but it’s enjoyed by preschoolers and older kids (even preteen) like reading it for the wordplay as well.

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