I Really Want the Cake

I Really Want the Cake
Words by Simon Philip
Art by Lucia Gaggiotti
Published 2017

Cake is delicious.
Cake is irresistible
Cake is off-limits…
Well, supposed to be off-limits… A little girl has a cake tempting her with its yummy smell and beautiful decorations, but mom said no. So she tries to walk away, pay attention somewhere else. She truly tries to ignore that cake. But maybe one teeny-tiny lick would be okay, and it all goes downhill from there.

The biggest thing I enjoyed about this book is how hard the little girl tries to resist the temptation of the cake. She is working so hard to obey mom’s order, but it’s hard. And when it goes wrong there’s owning up, trying to make things right. Those are all lessons kids need modeled for them, and yet there isn’t a single hint of “the moral of the story is…”

Tied for second favorite are the art and rhyme. The art has this perfect wild feel to it. There are no outlines and that helps convey the constant action and changing emotions. The rhyme is not Seussian, it is very fresh with three rhyming lines that’s description and immersion and then a non-rhyming aside about the cake that drives the story forward to the next page.

Kids find it hilarious! And it’s also a good example for adults who want to learn more about picture books.

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