Fall Writing Frenzy 2021: Dear Fall

Pumpkins, changing leaves, comfy sweaters. It’s that time of year again.
Fall Writing Frenzy time, that is.

Many thanks to Kaitlyn and Lydia for again hosting this wonderful, community-building event and to Ameerah for being a guest judge. For more information, click here. To see the other awesome entries, click here.

Dear Fall: A Calendar Story
By Katie Fischer
WC 194
Image: #7 (photo credit: Danielle Rae)

Dear Fall
Where ARE you? I want pumpkins and cider and Halloween! I miss you!
Love Annie

Dear Annie,
Summer likes watching the start of school. I’m coming, but it’ll be a bit longer.
Love, Fall

. . .

31 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy 2021: Dear Fall

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  1. What an unique structure, great voice, and fun concept. Love this line: “Pardon the rain, it made them cry.” Perfect ending and true to your MC’s character. So much fun! Good job and good luck!


      1. I missed the calendar you created. Wow, so creative! This could definitely be a PB. Have you read, Dear Earth… from Your Friends in Room 5? That could be a mentor text. You have an opportunity to add a nonfiction layer with some facts weaved in about summer and fall.


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