Hear the Wind Blow

Hear the Wind Blow
Words by Doe Boyle
Illustrated by Emily Paik
Published 2021

Hear the Wind Blow is a poem where each stanza shows the effects of each number on the Beaufort Scale. The words evoke a child’s vision of the world but with a beauty to the language that will also appeal to the adult reader. We follow the story from a calm morning all the way through to hurricane force.

The lyricism and rhyme, coupled with how much information is expressed in the low word count, just (pardon the pun) blows me away.

The art helps convey the image of what the world looks like under different wind speeds. The use of color is fantastic! The page of no wind has a wonderful, soft feel and as the wind picks up speed the framing enhances the tension.

With a couple pages of backmatter that includes a glossary and explains the Beaufort Wind Force Scale, this is a great book for adding to a weather study for kids 4K+ and also works well for a cuddle-up bedtime story.

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