I’m a Duck!

I’m a Duck!
Story and pictures by Teri Sloat
Published 2006

I’m a Duck follows a mallard drake from being born to finding a mate. Told in rhyme, it celebrates his joy in his webbed feet, wings, and everything else about being a duck. Though most of the book he’s an adult duck, the sense of wonder in the narration resonates deeply with young readers.

It’s a lovely book, words and art both, but two parts touched my heart particularly and made it an instant favorite, and time has shown it to be an enduring favorite.

The first is that it is overflowing with positivity. The duck is happy and thankful and it’s so sweet. It’s a gentle enough story that you can read it slowly as a bedtime book, but the words are vibrant and it can be read for a fun story time.

The second is that I love, love love love, the ending! There are many beautiful, tender stories that celebrate being a mom and the bond they have with their children, and I love them. But I don’t as often find books that show being a dad to be a marvelous thing, and I’m a Duck knocks it out of the park. Every bit of his life has joy and the fact that becoming a dad is something he can’t help but gush over is so great!

As a bonus, on her website Teri Sloat has teacher activities and mallard facts to add to the fun of reading the book.

Because the art is bright and fairly realistic and the word count is fairly low, this is a book I’ve been able to successfully share with toddlers (as long as they can keep their hands from tearing). I would particularly recommend it as a Father’s Day gift or a baby shower present, but it’s good for any occasion.

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