Words and art by Benji Davies
Published 2019

Tad is a frog, but not quite yet – almost a frog. With all her tadpole siblings, she swims and grows and fears Big Blub, the huge fish that lives at the bottom of the pond. As Tad’s siblings grow and lose their tails, they start disappearing… one by one.
Tad has to use all her clever hiding and swimming skills to stay away from Big Blub, she doesn’t want to be dinner. In a last desperate act she swims where she’s never gone before: up.

The resolution is sweet and even though it doesn’t lose any sweetness from knowing the ending, as it does hold up well with multiple rereadings, it is exciting to see it play out for the first time. So go read and find out.

I love the use of color in Tad. The interplay between the bright, cheerful colors for Tad and her tad-siblings and the washed out, dim colors for Big Blub and when Tad is feeling scared and alone works so well to help children feel the emotions of each page.

I’d recommend for ages 3 and up. There is a little tension so for a very sensitive reader it might be better for 4 and up.

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