Rissy No Kissies

Rissy No Kissies
Words by Katey Howes
Illustrated by Jess Engle
Published 2021

Rissy is a lovebird. An adorable little green and yellow lovebird. Rissy is sweet and respectful but Rissy does not like kissies. What to do? Lovebirds show love by giving and receiving kissies… right? Rissy has a plan, one to make everyone, herself included, feel comfortable and loved.

This is a book with multiple uses.
First and foremost, it’s a good book. It’s a book that you want to cuddle up and read with a kid for bedtime or story time.
It’s also helpful for kids struggling with vocalizing what makes them feel comfortable. Rissy knows what she needs, and though there’s some second guessing involved, working through that is part of what confirms to the reader that it’s okay to set boundaries about yourself.
I also feel like this is good for an adult to read when they struggle with thinking children need to “just be nice” and give hugs or kisses regardless of their comfort level. Rissy shows love but in different ways, and that can show an adult that it’s not disrespectful to prefer fist bumps to kisses.

Goodness, the art. So cute! They look like little plushies. I can see why everyone wants a kissy from Rissy, because you just want to squeeze and kiss that adorable fluffy squoosh.

Best for 3-6 year olds, but older readers enjoy it as well.

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