Freaky, Funky Fish

Freaky, Funky Fish
Odd Facts about Fascinating Fish

Written by Debra Kempf Shumaker
Illustrated by Claire Powell
Published 2021

Do you like non-fiction?
Do you like funny?
Do you like rhyme?

Freaky, Funky Fish has all that with a side of backmatter to polish it off.
In short lines of rhyme, we are introduced to fish that coat themselves in snot, ones that play dead, and ones that can zap.

Growing up as a fan of Lets-Read-And-Find-Out books, this book hits the kind of information and presentation I like. It has high rereadability, since it’s engaging like a storybook, but kids are also learning fish names and all sorts of cool facts.

I love the format of the backmatter. Each line of the book’s text has its own section in the back. So if you are skeptical about, say, the singing fish, it’s right there, easily found. You can read the whole spread or a different bit each read through.

The art is such a perfect match to the text. It is realistic enough that the fish are easily identifiable, but has enough of a cartoon aspect that it plays up the humor – the grossed out face on the hagfish’s predator is hilarious. And the Funky/Freaky ratings are 5/5.

All readers and listeners giggled the entire way through, so even if you’re not a huge fish fan you’ll still want to check it out because it’s fun.

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