No Buddy Like a Book

No Buddy Like a Book
Words by Allan Wolf
Art by Brianne Farley
Published 2021

No Buddy Like a Book is an adorable celebratory book told in smoothly flowing rhyme. It speaks on how books can teach about the planets, birds, geography, rockets, and everything else a kid might want to know. My favorite part is how there’s an almost refrain about imagination, but the rhymes with it vary and are fun to read out loud. I don’t often see books rhyming “constellation” but it works fantastically.

The art is bright and colorful, but has a hint of softness from it’s physical medium. There’s a pair of little kids that the pictures follow in their exploration and curiosity that helps connect the child reader/listener to what the words are talking about.

Who wouldn’t want to read a book that starts with “We learn important stuff from books”? There’s plenty to look at and find in the pages to keep a younger listener occupied, so it would be a sweet read aloud for ages 3 and up. Kids might not grasp the celebratory aspect until they’re closer to 5, but they still love it and it’s one that can grow with the reader – and grownups won’t mind reading it over and over and over.

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