The Only Woman in the Photo

The Only Woman in the Photo Frances Perkins & Her New Deal for America
Words by Kathleen Krull
Illustrated by Alexandra Bye
Published 2020

I’m partial to a good picture book biography, but it’s icing on the cake when I also learn about someone I had never heard of before.
Frances Perkins was driven to help the people of America, especially in regards to making sure those who had no power or influence were cared for.
Kathleen Krull gives a concise, and yet detailed, look at how Frances was supported by her family in getting an education and how she got to work using her skills for the benefit of others. I was particularly intrigued by how she initially said “no” to being in FDRs cabinet, but finally decided it was an opportunity to help even more people than before.

The art was meticulously researched and vibrant. Each page was wonderful, there was as much to see as to read. The emotion and action in the spread regarding the Triangle Shirtwaist fire was beyond expectation.

This would be a great stand alone read for ages 4 and up, or an excellent addition to a unit study of the Great Depression or FDR for grades 1-6.

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