Valentiny 2021

Many thanks to Susanna Hill for hosting another fun holiday themed writing contest on her blog.
Entry information and everyone’s fantastic pieces can be found here.


Shiny Sharp Scissors
WC 200

Sarah shivered while she stared at the scissors.
The last craft session had not ended well.

She had been thinking deep thoughts and not about her hands when…
Snip snip

Now, instead of long ponytails, Sarah’s hair was short.

“Just draw,” Hannah said.
Scribble scribble
Hannah’s crayons wooshed back and forth over the paper.

“You like drawing, I like snipping shapes. 
I want to give momma and daddy something I like making.”

Hannah shrugged and kept doodling and drawing.

“Make make!” Josie hollered.
Josie tore her paper into tons of tiny strips.

“You like tearing, I like snipping shapes.
I want to do what I like.”

Josie grabbed her pieces and scrunched and crunched.

Sarah wanted to snip
But she was a bit nervous.
Or maybe a little worried.
Or maybe a lot scared…

What if she cut her hair again?
Or clipped her shirt?
Or nicked her finger?

Breathe in
She could concentrate.
Breathe out

She would do it.

Snip snip

Snip snip snip snip snip snip snip

Sarah smiled at her stack of shapes.

“What are you doing Sarah?” Momma asked.

Sarah held out one of the hearts she’d made.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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