Happy Dreams, Little Bunny

Happy Dreams, Little Bunny
By Leah Hong
Published 2021

Gentle and sweet, Happy Dreams is a great bedtime book!

Little Bunny can’t sleep, there are too many big thoughts to think. Mommy bunny helps by asking little probing questions as prompts that make Little Bunny soar into soothing imaginations. Little Bunny is the focus, but Mommy is there in the background the whole time supporting.

The prose flows in a mindful way. Even reading in the middle of the day encouraged calming voices and slowing down. With font choice indicating the speaker, it’s an especially fun read aloud if you like “doing voices.”

It’s reminiscent of both the back and forth of Runaway Bunny and the soft, lovely art of The Wonderful Things You Will Be. It’s a beautiful depiction of a parent child relationship, and kids love the flights of imagination that Little Bunny comes up with.
Good for nearly three year olds and up.

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