Julia’s House

By Ben Hatke

This is a twofer because, much to my delight, one of our family favorites – Julia’s House for Lost Creatures – has a sequel.

Julia is a young girl who lives in a traveling house that sits on the back of a giant turtle. It’s too quiet all alone in her big house so she invites lost and homeless creatures in. Havoc happens before everyone finds their place.
In Julia’s House Moves On everyone is settled, but they’re getting restless. It’s time to move so Julia makes a plan. The problem is that it seems like not one of her housemates can stick to the plan.

The art is cheerful and sunshiny bright (the dust covers make great wall art) and brings the sparse text so much expression and emotion.

Julia is quite delightful. She’s hospitable, resourceful, and clever. She has problems that need to be solved and tries her best and there’s no unkindness, though sometimes thoughtlessness, from anyone in the books. They are sweet, family stories with a character kids love and emulate.

All Ben Hatke’s art is similarly vibrant and enjoyable, with stories that stand up to countless re-reads. The third Julia book is in the works, and I know it’s another one to add to the home library.

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