Not Quite Snow White

Written by Ashley Franklin
Illustrated by Ebony Glenn
Published 2019

Not Quite Snow White follows Tameika, a little girl who loves to sing, dance, and perform. Always with an audience, even if it’s stuffed.
When it’s time to audition for her school’s performance of Snow White, Tameika shows up. The first day she spends her time supporting her classmates, helping them with lines and bolstering their confidence. But later she hears people say that she’s not right for Snow White and needs a pep talk herself.
As she steps into the spotlight for her audition, Tameika knows the stage is where she belongs and does a spectacular job.

My favorite part is that it doesn’t hinge on whether Tameika gets the role or not but on her sense of confidence and learning that she isn’t “too” anything for her dreams.
It does have a satisfying ending for children readers/listeners as well.

Between the flowing words and relatable main character I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve read this one in the last couple weeks.

Whether it’s a forever favorite, time will tell, but it’s definitely a enjoyable read.

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