Written by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann
Illustrated by Victoria Kann
Published 2006

Sister duo Victoria and Elizabeth brought Pinkalicious to life and spawned a whole set of picture books, easy readers, and even a TV show.

Pinkalicious is a young girl who, bored with the rainy day, makes cupcakes with her mom and brother. “More!” she demands while adding the coloring and ends up turning pink after eating too many of the too pink cupcakes. Pinkalicious is faced with the choice to either stay pink or eat green foods to de-pinkafy herself.

Written in first person style, Pinkalicious has a distinctive voice that grabs the attention of the young readers/listeners. One of my favorite lines is

“You get what you get, and you don’t get upset,” she said.
But I got very upset.


The only concern is, because Pinkalicious is such an engaging character for children, that when it talks about green foods being yucky it might sway an impressionable child. This is mitigated by the fact that grapes are on the list and kids know grapes are yummy, so it highlights how silly Pinkalicious is being.

Overall, it’s a fun book and since there are lots of follow up books it’s easy for kids to keep picking out books they know they’ll like.

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