Little Wise Wolf

Written by Gijs van der Hammen
Illustrated by Hanneke Siemensma
Translated by Laura Watkinson

It’s not often I get picture books that are translations, but this is the second one read this fall.

Little Wise Wolf was written by Gijs van der Hammen from the Netherlands. It is a quiet, flowing tale about Wolf, a wise wolf who loves to read and study and discover.
The neighboring animals want to stop by, to ask questions, but Little Wise Wolf is too busy reading, studying, and discovering to spend time socializing. That all changes when the king summons Little Wise Wolf out of his woodland home and into the city to heal him and won’t take no for an answer.
It’s a tale of friendship and humility and speaks to the benefit of books and learning.

The art is simple with a muted palette that compliments the calm feel of the story.
While I, unfortunately, can’t read the original words, the translation is lovely. The words and art are soft and gentle, a perfect bedtime story.

Little Wise Wolf is a little longer than most new picture books, best for ages 3 and up (but would be enjoyed by a 2 year old who will sit for story time).

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