Why is the Sugar Gone?

As the co-hosts of the Fall Writing Frenzy work so hard to read and judge all the fantastic entries, they’ve also shared some challenges and prompts. They’re really going above and beyond to create and foster a community of writers.
And the prize donors need lots of love and support too, so check them out!
My original entry is here.
My change-it-up piece is here.
And this challenge from the update goes in an entirely different direction.

Take a line from your original story and create a whole new story from that line.

The original was in a semi-poem picture book format. This is a mid-grade snippet in prose.


It wasn’t sweet. 

Well, it was sweet, but not toe-tingling, make-your-teeth-call-the-dentist-crying sweet.

Jeff chewed. What was this?

He dug the candy wrapper out of his pocket where he’d hidden it. He wasn’t supposed to be sneaking the trick or treat candy, but he figured one piece wouldn’t be missed.

“Sugar free.”

Why would his mom buy sugar free candy? They did keep sugar-free options every year. 

Well, food-free options. 

The magnificent pile of awesomeness that was beaded necklaces, glow sticks, and stickers sat waiting by the door in the teal bucket.

Jeff peered into the orange bucket, pawing through it to find his favorite treats.

Every single one was sugar free.

It wasn’t that they were bad, they were actually lip-smacking good, but Jeff felt the principle of the thing was not in the spirit of Halloween. The point was to rot as many teeth as possible.

“MOM!” Jeff called.

His mom poked her head around the corner and narrowed her eyes as she spied Jeff’s hand still deep in the candy bucket.

“Mom,” Jeff continued, “why is it all sugar free?”

A grin spread across mom’s face. “It was supposed to be a surprise, but cousin Betsy is coming over tonight.”

Jeff whooped and stampeded down the hallway to give his mom a crashing hug. “Hooray! I’m so glad we’ll be able to share everything with Betsy!”

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