Fall Writing Frenzy, Pumpkin Pie – Take 2

I had so much fun writing out the disastrous pumpkin pie episode for the Fall Writing Frenzy that when I saw this challenge show up, I knew I had to try it.

Try this: take your Fall Writing Frenzy piece & turn it on its head. Put it in another setting or switch your MC to his/her/their antagonist & share here how it went!

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez, Twitter

I stopped to think about the original piece, why might a child feel compelled to make a whole pie without a recipe without consulting an adult at all. Maybe because a grownup would say “no.”
So here’s Mom’s point of view on the matter, her thoughts and reminisces. And just to be fun, I kept it in the same semi-rhyme format of the original and with the same 200 word constraint.

Mom walked into the kitchen and gasped in horror
It looked like a tiny tornado had sped through.
That was almost true.

There were dishes piled in the sink, flour on the floor,
No inch of the counter top was spared from smears.
She shed some tears.

She had told Claire once, twice, who knows how many times
The grownups were going to be making the entire meal.
So there’d be no big ordeal.

Last Thanksgiving, Claire had been determined to participate.
She begged and pleaded and finally was allowed to aid.
To chose what would be made.

Jello was the food of choice, strawberry of course.
Claire didn’t care about Fall flavors last year.
Mom should’ve stayed near.

Claire had mixed and stirred and whirred and whirled
She beat the bowl so hard it flew out of her hand and down it rained.
The floor was stained.

Mom looked at the sink and the counter and the floor.
It was icky-sticky, goopy and gooey, but that was the whole extent.
It wasn’t permanent.

The pie resting and cooling was beautiful and smelled heavenly.
A bit of extra cleanup is worth it for a good dessert.
A bite wouldn’t hurt…

3 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy, Pumpkin Pie – Take 2

Add yours

  1. What a fun job twisting the story!

    I’d love to see you push even further and try something that spins further, think about even opposing the joy of the first story, the hardship the characters might feel on a holiday instead of the bliss,

    Thanks for having fun and being deducted to your craft and this community


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